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Free estimate, personalized consulting, a project adapted to your budget!

{Each of your projects is unique and needs to be considered in its context to jointly define the nature and scope of the task: your contributions, your requirements, your needs, your ambitions...


This is why I particularly want to give priority to a real time of exchange with you before concretizingour collaboration, in order to understand who you are, and to be able to best serve your message.


This discussion time, whether in person, by audio or videoconference, whether it lasts an hour or three, will always be free for you, so that you can freely express your expectations without having to look at your watch. . This moment is essential, it ensures a real gain on the work downstream and guarantees your satisfaction. 


Theprices beloware indicative and may be reassessed or switched to packages to your advantage, depending on the needs and constraints that will emerge during our first exchange.


Do not hesitate to contact me for any quote request and we will find together the formula best suited to your request... }

// Hourly rates //

}Execution works:

[declination of an existing graphic charter on different supports, retouching of iconography...]

45 €/h


}Creative work:

[creation of a graphic identity, creation of iconography in DAO...]

55 €/h


// Examples of packages //

}Declination of a simple graphic charter on different supports from an existing logo:(business card,  mail header, graphic elements for powerpoint presentations...) 



}Research work
and interface:

[iconographic research, study of competition visuals, printer interface...]

35 €/h


}Website dressing
from an existing charter:

(depending on the complexity of the site and the work of the iconography) 

500 to 900 €


}  Logotype creation :

(depending on complexity and use of the logo,
size and impact of the project) 

300 to 1500 €



}  For the variations of graphic identity on brochures and leaflets, thepackages are to be defineddepending pagination.

// The rates below are for a production of 250 words, ie approximately one A4 page in body times 12, produced from documents provided (unless otherwise stated). The rate applied will be decreasing according to the number of pages. //

// Content writing //


}Single Flyer:

}Press article: 




}Miscellaneous editorial work based on the content provided (summaries, presentations, etc.):

40 €

45 €

35 €


35 €


// Layout //


}Design of a model simple:


}Design of a maquette design :

[with original graphics and creation of iconographies as mockup elements]

75 €


150 €


// Content layout //
// Proofreading, content correction and rewriting //


}Proofreading and correction of simple content:



}RReading and correction of content requiring documentary research:


}Proofreading, correction and rewriting of simple content:


}Proofreading, correction and rewriting of content requiring documentary research:



5 €


10 €


15 €



}Simple layout, on pre-existing model:

[provided in In Design format with fonts]


}Design layout, on pre-existing model:

[provided in In Design format with fonts]

15 €


20 €


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